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5410 Answer A Call

When a call arrives at your 5410 telephone, you hear a ringing tone and a blinking bell icon () appears on the associated call appearance.

To answer an incoming call

Do one of the following:

  • If you are not active on another call, answer the call using your handset, headset, or speakerphone.

  • If you are active on a call already, place the active call on hold, and then answer the incoming call by selecting the call appearance key.
  • If the call appearance for the ringing call is not displayed on the current screen page, use to return to the first page of the Home screen. When you locate the call appearance for the ringing call, press the corresponding call appearance button.

5410 Make a Call

You can make calls from the 5410 telephone using a variety of methods as follows:

To manually make a call:

  1. Dial the required number on the key pad (remember to include the required access code (for example, 9) for an outside line) and listen to the progress of the call.

  2. Adjust speakerphone volume as necessary.

  3. To change the volume use the and buttons.
    The display shows the volume level. (There are eight volume levels.)

  4. If the call is not answered, you can clear the call by pressing Speaker or Drop


  1. When the call is answered, either speak or pick up the handset and speak to the called party.

To automatically make a call:

Do any of the following:

  • Press  Redial and select from (up to) one of the last ten numbers that you dialed by pressing the associated a call appearance key. The call is made automatically for you.


  • Access the Call Log and initiate a call to a specific entry.


  • Access the Speed Dial List in your personal directory and initiate a call to a specific entry.

  • When the call is answered, either speak or pick up the handset and speak to the called party.

5410 Clearing a Call

To clear an established call either:

  1. Replace the handset


  1. Press Drop. You will hear dial tone, unless you are in ‘call center mode’ of working when you will then hear silence.


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