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5410 Adjusting the Display Contrast

You can adjust the contrast level on the telephone display. You can choose from among fifteen levels of contrast.

    1. Press Option. If Option is not shown, press any Soft Key.
    2. Press Contrast. A menu with the current contrast setting appears.
    3. Use the and keys to adjust the level of contrast.
    4. When the contrast is set as required, either:
      • Return to the options menu by pressing Done.
      • Return to the call handling screen by pressing Exit.


5410 Call Log Setup

Through the Option menu you can specify which types of calls should be included in the 5410's call log. See Setting Which Calls are Logged.


5410 Using Self Test

Self test can be used to display information about the phone and to check operation of the lamps and display. The information may be required by a telephone system maintainer.

  1. Press Option. If Option is not shown, press any Soft Key.

  2. Press Self Test. A screen of information appears.

    • Caution:  In the top row, the center of the display should show REL:2.00 or higher. If not the telephone’s software needs to be upgraded. Consult your system Administrator.  

  3. Press and hold the Test key. The screen lines should all go black and all the phone lamps should come on. If they do not consult your system Administrator.

  4. Release Test and do one of the following:

    • To return to the options menu, press Done.

    • To return to the call handling screen, press .



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