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5410 Overview of the Function Keys

Both the , Function Keys and Soft Keys can be used to access a range of system features. The display adjacent to the key shows the feature name.

Some of these features are default features supported by all 5410 telephones (e.g. SpDial, Log, Option and Label on the Soft Keys) and are always available. Others are system features that can only be programmed by the System Administrator for Function Keys. See Function Key Programming.

In addition, there are a number of System Features that you can always access yourself by the use of short codes. Refer to System Features Introduction for details of System Features that you can always access yourself by dialing short codes, e.g. *17 to listen to your VoiceMail messages.

The main screen has three pages. This means that the six and Function Keys on each page could be used for up to 18 features. However, it is strongly recommended that all three Call Appearance keys remain at their default settings. Hence, there are 15 soft Function Keys that can be allocated to system features.

To move between pages use the and keys.

In the following example:

  • The first three keys have been set as call appearance lines.
    See Call Appearance Keys.

  • Key 4 has been set to access the Admin programmable functions.
    See Function Key Programming.

  • Key 5 has been set to monitor system park slot 1.
    The indicates a call is currently parked in slot 1 by the user and when parked by another user then PARK is underlined.
    See Park - Park (#)

  • Key 6 has been set to the SAC (Send All Calls) function.
    See SAC - Send All Calls (!).

  • Pressing either or would display the other two pages of programmed functions set for this phone.


Programming Your Own Functions:

If the phone has been setup with either or both the Admin and Admin1 features assigned to display keys, you can select and program your own feature choices against other keys.  See Function Key Programming.


Changing the labels of the Function Keys:

You can personalize the Function Key labels. E.g. you can change SAC to Send All for instance. See Changing Function Key Labels.

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