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5410 Options Overview

  1. The options menus are accessed by pressing   Option. These menus allow you to adjust a number of 5410 features.

     5410 Telephone Options

    To select an option:

    1. Press the or next to it

    2. The  key actions change according to the current available actions.

    3. To exit and return to the normal call handling screen press Exit.

    4. Whilst in the options menus, you can still make and receive calls using the telephone keypad controls.

    The options are:

    • Ring Options:
      Sets the:

      • The ringing used by your 5410.

      • Toggles the message lamp on/off to show when you have an incoming call.

      • Toggles the ‘Show Phone Screen’ option on or off. See Ring Options.

    • Contrast:
      Adjust the display contrast. See Adjusting the Display Contrast.

    • Log Setup:
      Configure which calls appear in the call log. See Setting Which Calls are Logged.

    • Miscellaneous:
      Enables you to select to remain in your Speed Dial Menu during call handling.

    • Self Test:
      Test the phone.

    • See Using Self Test.

    • Language:
      Select the phone's display language.  See Language.

    Press to display:

    Press again to display:

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