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5410 Speed Dial

The Speed Dial feature allows you to have the 5410 telephone automatically dial calls to telephone numbers stored in your personal directory.

To make a call to a personal directory entry using the Speed Dial feature

  1. From the Home screen, press the SpDial softkey. The Speed Dial screen is displayed.

  2. Press the button next to the entry you want to call.

  3. If the entry you want is not displayed, use and to cycle through the entries

    Key the first letter of the required name to jump to the page with a matching entry.

  1. The 5410 telephone dials the number for you.

5410 Redial

The Redial (or Last Number Dialed) feature automatically redials a previously dialed extension or outside number (up to 24 digits). Your 5410 will store the up to ten of the last numbers dialed.

Note:  If you have dialed the same number twice in succession, it will only have one appearance in the redial list.

To redial previously dialed number:

  1. Press Redial. Use and to step through the entries. When you have located the required number, press the associated key.

5410 Hold

If, with a call in progress, a second call arrives and is shown against a Call Appearance key, you can then Hold the first call and answer the second call. 

To put an existing call on hold:

  1. Press Hold or the Call Appearance button with the   symbol against it. The symbol changes to  ; showing that the line is on hold.

  2. Answer the second call by pressing the Call Appearance button with the symbol against it. The symbol changes to ; showing that the line is connected. 

To return to the held call:

  1. If you have a call in progress, then first put that call on hold as above.

  2. To retrieve a held call, simply press the Call Appearance button with the against it. 


  1. After a pre-set time (defined by your System Administrator), you are reminded that you have a call on hold by the hold icon changing for a few moments to and the phone ringing.

  2. If the system feature AutoHold is on (consult your System Administrator) then you can hold an active call () by pressing the second call’s Call Appearance button (). If AutoHold is off, then pressing the second call’s Call Appearance button () will drop the first call.

  3. To transfer a held call see Transfer.

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