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Avaya 5410 Telephone

Call Appearance Keys

Basic Call Handling
Answer or Make a Call
Headset /Speakerphone
Speed Dial, Redial, Hold
Transfer - Conference

Using Speed Dials
Overview of Speed Dials
Dialing/Add Speed Dial
Delete/ Edit Speed Dial

Using the Call Log
Overview of the Call Log
Using / Viewing Call Log
Saving to Speed Dial
Deleting an Entry
Which Calls to Log

Changing 5410 Options
Overview 5410 Options

Change Ring Patterns
Adjust Display Contrast
Using Self Test
Default/Erase Settings
Automatic Gain Control

Function Keys
Function Key Program
Shorthand Program
Longhand Program
Display Key Features

Request Phone System Quote

Phone Equipment


5410 Shorthand Programming Mode

  1. Press Admin or Admin 1. See Display Key Programming.

  2. The Admin or Admin1 menu appears as follows:

Admin Pages

With the exception of Expl1?, the names shown are the features that you can assign to soft keys. When Admin has been selected you can display the full name of the feature by pressing Expl?.

See Longhand Programming.

Admin1 Page

    • Similarly, when Admin1 is pressed, you can assign any one of the functions shown to a soft key.

  1. On the Admin pages, use the and keys to move through the list of feature.

  2. When the function required is shown, press the key adjacent to its name.

  3. If the function requires some data to be entered, [ is shown at the bottom of the display. Enter the data using the normal telephone keypad.

  4. The upper part of the display reverts to showing the functions currently assigned to each and key.

  5. Select the display key against which to program the new function by pressing that or key.

    • Caution:  Do not select the slot used for the Admin function.
      Replacing this function will lock the phone for further programming until reset through the telephone system.

  6. If the display slot is not already used, the display shows BUTTON PROGRAMMED!.

    • Press EXIT to end programming.

    • Press Cont to continue programming other functions.

  7. If the display slot already has a programmed function, the display shows FEATURE ON BUTTON. Press the or keys until Repla, Keep and Delet are shown along the right-hand edge of the display.

    • Press Repla to replace that existing function with the one just programmed. The display then shows BUTTON PROGRAMMED! as above.

    • Press Keep to keep the existing function and forget the function just programmed.

  • Press Delete to delete the existing function and forget the function just programmed.


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