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Activating Auto Configure

If you have a MERLIN MAGIX Integrated System, Release 1.5 or higher, and MERLIN Messaging System, Release 2 or later, an Auto Configure feature is available to automate some of the programming required to support the MERLIN Messaging System. The Auto Configure feature provides three options–Default Configuration, Update with Labels, and Update without Labels. Your system requirements should dictate which option you use.

Regardless of the option you use, be sure the MERLIN MAGIX system dial plan is established before you use the Auto Configure feature. If the dial plan for the MERLIN MAGIX system changes after you have activated the Auto Configure feature to program the MERLIN Messaging system, changes to the dial plan will not automatically be reflected in the MERLIN Messaging System.

Auto Configure does not perform any programming for remote communications systems in a Centralized Voice Messaging arrangement.
Auto Configure is not available in MERLIN MAGIX Integrated System, Release 1.0 or 1.0i, or in MERLIN LEGEND® Communications System, Release 7.0.

This procedure can take between 5 and 10 minutes.

Activating Auto Configure


Programming Task

From programming console or
from WinSPM in Standard SPM mode, select...

1 Enter Programming mode. Menu
    Sys Program
2 Select System. System.
3 Select Config M.Msg. Config M.Msg
4 Choose an option. Default Configuration
Update with labels
Update without labels
5 If you selected the Default Configuration option, a message appears stating: Mailboxes will be erased, do you want to continue? Choose an option. Yes or No
6 If you selected either Update with Labels or Update without Labels, a message appears stating: Keep or Delete non-matching mailboxes. Choose an option.

Keep or Delete


7 Return to System Programming menu





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Activating Auto Configure

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