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Enabling Rotary Signaling

In order for the MERLIN Messaging System to be able to transfer calls, turn Message-Waiting Lights On and Off, and perform Outcalling, all MERLIN Messaging System voice ports must be programmed as rotary enabled.


Enabling Rotary Signaling


Programming Task

From programming console or
from WinSPM in Standard SPM mode, select...

1 Enter Programming mode. Menu
    Sys Program
2 Select Extensions. Extensions
3 Display third page of menu. More
4 Select Rotary Enable.


5 Enter extension number of MERLIN Messaging System voice port. Repeat this step for each MERLIN
Messaging System voice port.
[nnn] Enter
6 Make sure all MERLIN Messaging System voice ports are rotary


7 Return to System Programming menu.




Merlin Messaging Main

Enabling Rotary Signaling

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