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Merlin Messaging System Capacity

The MERLIN Messaging System capacities are provided in the following table.




Automated Attendants    
Number of Automated Attendants

4 maximum


Modes of Operation

2 (Day mode and Night mode)



99 maximum


Announcements 99 maximum None
Schedule Controller Follow Switch mode, Weekly Business Schedule, or both Switch mode
Menu Prompts, Submenu Prompts, and Announcements 2 minutes in length maximum for each N/A
Number of Line Assignments 80 per MERLIN Messaging System N/A
Delay Announcement Service 99 maximum None
System Security    
Minimum Password Length 0—15 digits 6 digits
Maximum Password Length 15 digits 15 digits fixed
Transfer Restrictions On or Off On
System Group Lists 10 maximum with up to 50 mailbox extensions in each list List numbers 50 through 59
User Options    
Outcalling Telephone/Pager
Numbers (administered by
5 maximum N/A
Outcalling Cycles 1—9 3
Outcalling Interval 5—99 minutes 15 minutes
Outcalling Schedule Range is 0000—2359 24 hours
Outcalling Activation Outcalling for all new messages or for priority messages only All new messages
Personal Greetings (recorded by user) 6 maximum System Greeting for all calls
Personal Group Lists (administered by user) 10 maximum with up to 50 extensions in each list List numbers 1 through 10
Personal Operator 1 per user Call Answer Service Operator
Call Answer Mode Record mode or Answer-Only mode Record mode


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Merlin Messaging System Capacity

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