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Changing the Mailbox Language


Use this procedure to change the Mailbox Language. The Mailbox Language is the language the user hears after logging in. The factory-set Mailbox Language is the same as the System Language, if the system is in Monolingual Mode; it is the same as the Primary Language, if the system is in Bilingual Mode. User mailboxes can be administered for any of the supported languages, regardless of the System Language Mode or language(s) that have been programmed for the system.


Changing the Mailbox Language

1 Log in to System Administration. 777
    [nnnnnn] #
2 Select Extension Administration. 2
3 Enter extension number. [nn] #
4 Select Mailbox Language. 6
5 Select Modify Mailbox Language. 6
6 Choose one of the following:  
  • U.S. English 1# or
  • Latin American Spanish 2# or
  • Canadian French 3# or
7 Choose one of the following:  
  • Confirm 9 or
  • Cancel 6


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Changing the Mailbox Language


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