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Assigning Fax Extensions

You can assign up to four Fax extensions, one for each Automated Attendant. If
an Automated Attendant has been a assigned a Fax extension, when an incoming fax call is detected by the Automated Attendant, it routes the call to the Fax extension.

When you assign an extension as a Fax extension, you are prompted to:
• Administer a Directory Listing or Recorded Name. Users and callers can use up to a 10-letter Directory Listing to transfer calls to the Fax extension. The Fax extension name can also be recorded.


Assigning Fax Extensions

1 Log in to System Administration. 777
    [nnnnnn] #
2 Select Extension Administration. 2
3 Enter extension number. [nn] #
4 Assign a fax machine to this extension. 4
5 Choose one of the following:  
  • Program Directory Listing or Recorded Name
Go to Step 6.
  • Delete this extension, then choose one of the following: *3
  – Confirm. 9 or
  – Cancel. 6
  • If finished administering this extension. *#
6 For Directory Listing or Recorded Name:  
  Select Directory Listing or Recorded Name, then do the following: 1
  Select Record Name, then choose one of the following: 1
  – Listen to name.  
  ■ If finished. *#
  – Record name; then after recording, press 1 and choose one of the following: (2 [record name] 1)
  ■ Approve name. *# or
  ■ Play back Recorded Name. (2)(3) or
  ■ Re-record name. (2)(1) or
  ■ Delete name just recorded. *3
  – If finished recording a name. *#
  • Select Directory Listing, then choose one of the following: 2
  – Administer Directory Listing, then choose one of the following: 1
  ■ Enter up to first ten letters of name. Then
choose one of the following:
( [nn nn nn nn nn nn nn nn nn nn] # )
  – Approve. *# or
  – Re-enter. 1
  ■ Exit without changes. Return to Step 5. *#
  – If finished administering Directory Listing. Return to Step 5. (*#*#)


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Assigning Fax Extensions


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