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Programming System Group Lists


You can program up to ten System Group Lists that allow users to address a message to a group of mailboxes. Up to 50 Mailbox extensions can be included in each System Group List. A Mailbox extension can be in more than one System Group List.


Programming System Group Lists

1 Log in to System Administration. 777
    [nnnnnn] #
2 Select System Group or Directory Lists. 7
3 Select System Group List. 1
4 Create a System Group List. 1
5 Enter System Group List Number. [50–59] #
6 Choose one of the following:  
  Enter Mailbox extension number. [nn] #
  • Add an extension using the Directory. *2
  – Enter up to first ten letters of name. [nnnnnnnnnn] #
  – If there is more than one match for the name you entered, press the number corresponding to the correct name, as
1 or 2 or 3 or 4 or 5
  • Delete last extension entered for this list. *3
7 Repeat Step 6 for each mailbox you want to
add to this System Group List.
8 End programming for this System Group List. *#
9 Return to Step 3 to create another System Group List.  


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Programming System Group Lists


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