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Programming Line Assignments

Skip this procedure if your system uses only Automated Attendant 1.

For each line that is to receive Automated Attendant Service, you must assign an Automated Attendant number. There are no factory-set Line Assignments. If a call comes in on a line not assigned to an Automated Attendant, Automated Attendant 1 handles the call. A maximum of 41 lines (the communications system maximum) can be assigned among the four Automated Attendants. Line numbers should be entered as 2-digit numbers. For example, to designate line 1, enter 01.


Programming Line Assignments

1 Log in to System Administration. 777
    [nnnnnn] #
2 Select Automated Attendant. 3
3 Enter Automated Attendant number. [1– 4]
4 Select Line Assignments. 6
5 Choose one of the following:  
  • Review Line Assignments. 1
  • Add a line to Automated Attendant, then: 2
  – Enter the 2-digit line number (01-41). [nn] #
  Repeat this step for each line you want to add to this Automated Attendant.  
  – If finished. *#
  • Delete a line, then: *3
  – Enter the 2-digit line number (01-41), then choose one of the following: [nn] #
  ■ Confirm deletion. 9 or
  ■ Cancel deletion. 6
  – Repeat the above deletion steps for each line you want to delete from this Automated Attendant.  
  • If finished. *#


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