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Programming the General Mailbox Owners

PARTNER Messaging provides four General Mailboxes–one for each Automated Attendant. The General Mailbox extensions are 9991, 9992, 9993, and 9994.
You cannot delete these extensions or change their phone status. Automated
Attendant Service calls are directed to the Automated Attendant’s General
Mailbox when the Automated Attendant’s Dial 0/Timeout Action is set to record a message in the General Mailbox and:
• Caller does not make a selection from an Automated Attendant Service
• Caller presses 0 while in Automated Attendant Service.
• Caller presses 0 while using the Directory to transfer.
The General Mailbox Owner is the extension whose Message Waiting Light is
turned on whenever a message is placed in the General Mailbox. The factory
setting for the General Mailbox Owner is extension 10. You can program a
different General Mailbox Owner for each General Mailbox, or you can have the
same owner for all the General Mailboxes.

Programming the General Mailbox Owners

  1. Log in to System Administration. (777)+ (0#)+ ([nnnnnn] #) +(9)
  2. Select System Parameters. (1)
  3. Select General Mailbox Owners. (4)
  4. Enter Automated Attendant number. (1-4)
  5. Enter General Mailbox Owner extension number.([nn] #)
  6. Repeat Steps 3 to 5 for each Automated Attendant.

Programming the Maximum Extension Length

The Maximum Extension Length refers to the maximum number of digits (two, three, or four) callers dial, without having to enter #, to reach an extension, Calling Group, Hunt Group, mailbox, or Automated Attendant. The factory setting is two digits. PARTNER Messaging transfers calls when one of the following conditions occurs:
• Number of digits entered by the caller equals the Maximum Extension Length.
• Caller presses digits and #, indicating they have finished entering the extension.
• Five-second time-out period has expired.

  1. Log in to System Administration. (777)+ (0#)+ ([nnnnnn] #) +(9)
  2. Select System Parameters. (1)
  3. Select Maximum Extension Length.(5)
  4. Choose one of the following:
    • 2 digits -2
    • 3 digits -3
    • 4 digits -4

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