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Modifying a Submenu

Use this procedure to change a Submenu definition or prompt. There can be up to 98 Submenus shared among four Automated Attendants. A Submenu can be assigned to one or more Automated Attendants, and each Submenu can be up to two minutes long. The Submenu uses the same Dial 0/Timeout Action defined for the Day or Night Main Menu.

In Release 7.0 or later, Submenu 99 is a playable Directory List of all extensions in the system. Submenu 99 cannot be modified or deleted. In addition, if the Submenu is a Directory Submenu—a Submenu with a customized Directory List assigned— you cannot modify the Submenu’s selector codes or record a greeting. To change a Directory Submenu, you can:


Modifying Submenu

1 Log in to System Administration. 777
    [nnnnnn] #
2 Select Automated Attendant. 3
3 Enter Automated Attendant number. [1– 4]
4 Select Submenus. 3
5 Enter Submenu number. [1–98] #
6 Select Modify the Submenu. 6
7 Enter Selector Code. [1–9]
8 Modify Selector Code. Then choose one of the following Selector Code Actions: 9
  • Selector Code Transfer. 1 + ext. number + # or
  • Play Submenu. 2 + submenu number + # or
  • Play Announcement. 3 + announce. number + # or
  • Direct Extension Transfer. 5 or
  • Mailbox Transfer. 6 + mailbox ext. number + # or
  • Centrex Transfer. After entering Centrex number, wait four seconds for the system prompt. Then choose one of the following: 7 + centrex number
  – Enter remaining Centrex digits. 1 [nnnn] or
  – If finished entering Centrex digits. *#
  ■ Confirm or cancel. 9 or 6
  • Delete Selector Code. *3
  • If finished (exit without changing this Selector Code). *#
9 If finished modifying Submenu definition. *#
  You must continue with either Step 10 or Step 11 and follow the instructions to save the Submenu definition and Submenu prompt.  
10 If system is in Bilingual Mode, go to Step 11. If system is in Monolingual Mode, choose one of the following:  
  • Record a new Submenu prompt; then after recording, press 1 and choose one of the following: 1 [record new prompt] 1
  – Approve. Procedure is finished. *# or
  – Listen to prompt. (2)(3) or
  – Re-record prompt. (2)(1) or
  – Delete recording. *3
  • Use existing Submenu prompt and save Submenu definition changes. Procedure is finished. #
11 If system is in Bilingual Mode, choose one of the following:  
  • Primary Language. 1 or
  • Secondary Language. 2 or
  • Save Submenu definition and Submenu prompt changes. #
12 Record a new prompt; then after recording, press 1 and choose one of the following: [record new prompt] 1
  • Approve. Return to Step 11. *# or
  • Listen to prompt. Then approve, listen, re-record, or delete and return to beginning of Step 12. (2)(3) or
  • Re-record prompt. Repeat Step 12. (2)(1) or
  • Delete recording. Return to Step 11. *3


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