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Setting System Security Parameters


System Security Parameters include Transfer Restrictions and Minimum Password Length. These features enhance the security of your system by reducing the risk of abuse by unauthorized users and by helping to prevent toll fraud.

Setting Minimum Password Length

The minimum number of digits in user and System Administrator Passwords can
be set to any number between 0 and 15; however, a password length of less
than six digits is highly discouraged. Setting the Minimum Password Length to 0
digits means that no password checking will be done for users who do not
program a password for their mailbox. The factory setting for the Minimum
Password Length is six digits.

A Minimum Password Length of at least six digits is strongly recommended. The shorter the Minimum Password Length, the more vulnerable your system is to abuse by unauthorized
persons. Choose the largest acceptable minimum length in order to maximize the security of your system.


Setting Minimum Password Length

1 Log in to System Administration. 777
    [nnnnnn] #
2 Select System Security Parameters. 5
3 Select Minimum Password Length. 2
4 Choose one of the following:  
  • Enter Minimum Password Length Factory-set length is 6; range is 0–15. [nn] #
  • If finished *#


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Setting System Security Parameters


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