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Backing Up the System to the Port Card


Following PARTNER Messaging programming, you can back up programmed configuration data and a subset of the Automated Attendant Main Menu prompts and Submenu prompts onto the Port Card. The backed up information may be used to perform a System Restore if the system fails and must be replaced or if data becomes corrupted.

If you need your entire system backed up and restored, use the PC-based system administration software.

PARTNER Messaging must be in an idle state in order for the backup to begin. Prior to starting the backup process, the system will busy-out the messaging ports. During the backup process, the system will not answer calls. Backing up to the Port Card can take up to 20 minutes.

Wait for a confirmation message or error message before hanging up.


Backing Up the System to the Port Card

1 Log in to System Administration. 777
    [nnnnnn] #
2 Select System Backup and Restore. 8
3 Select Backup, then choose one of the following: 8
  – Confirm (wait for confirmation that backup was successful). 9 or
  – Cancel. 6

Restoring the System

Restore should only be used to restore information to a new system
when the old system fails. If a Restore is necessary, call Carroll Communications
at 732-751-0101


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Backing Up the System to the Port Card


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