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System terminates recording before the user finishes

Busy signal when calling Voice Mail Service

Menu, Submenu, Announcement, or Personal Greeting is cut off

Messages cannot be left in a user’s voice mailbox

Calls are not being transferred properly

Message Waiting Light is not turning on and off

A user is unable to log in to Voice Mail Service

Message Lights not being turned on/off in a timely manner

Calls not being answered by the correct Automated Attendant

Outcalling is delayed

Outcalling to a pager is not working

Outcalling to a telephone is not working

System does not respond to entered digits

Unanswered transferred calls ring continuously

Call Answer Service takes too long to answer calls

Call Answer Service ends message while caller records

Message cannot be deposited in mailbox

User is unable to log in to Voice Mail Service

Date or time in message headers is incorrect

User cannot forward messages to another user

The PARTNER Messaging system is not answering calls

Caller cannot switch between Primary /Secondary Languages

Cannot understand language prompts

Outside callers who should receive Automated Attendant Service hear ringing, but the system does not answer

Outside callers hear silence, tones, or ringing during transfer

The Automated Attendant does not answer immediately

Caller is immediately informed that call is being transferred to the operator

Callers hear prompt that they cannot leave a message because this mailbox is full

Callers claim they are leaving messages in a mailbox, but the mailbox owner is not getting any messages, and their message waiting light is not being turned on

User complains they are receiving messages for another mailbox

Hearing messages in a different order; the newer messages before the older messages

You have added an extension to a Directory List, but the extension is not announced when the Directory Submenu plays (Release 7.0 or later)

User complains they cannot get Record-a-Call to work when a Record-a-Call button has been programmed on their PARTNER telephone

User complains recording of a call stopped before they pressed the Record-a-Call button or before the call ended

When playing a Directory Submenu, “the submenu prompt has not been recorded” is heard


Trouble Shooting Guide Partner Messaging



Outcalling to a pager is not working.

  Possible Cause Corrective Action
  The Outcalling number is not properly programmed.

Check that the Outcalling number is correct. If not, reprogram the number.

  Restrictions are still assigned to the Outcalling port(s). Outcalling ports are Port 2, if a 2-port card is installed; Port 4, if a 4-port card is installed; and Ports 5 and 6, if a 6-port card is installed. Check the communications system programming to ensure that Outgoing Call Restriction (#401), Allowed Phone Numbers and Lists (#407/#408), and Disallowed Phone Numbers and Lists (#404/#405) have been programmed correctly for the Outcalling port(s).
  Insufficient number of pauses in Outcalling number. It is a good idea to include a pause between the line access number and the telephone number. It is also important to
include a sufficient number of pauses between the pager number and the Personal Identification Number (PIN), or between the pager number and
the Callback Number. Leave at least seven pauses after the pager number. You must allow enough time for the paging service to answer before the PIN
and/or Callback Number is dialed.
  There may not be a line available to place a call. If all lines are in use when the system attempts to Outcall, the Outcall does not go through. The system counts the attempt toward the total number of
attempts to be made during the specified time interval. If the user’s Outcalling Schedule end time is reached before the
remaining attempts, these attempts will not be made by the system. You may need to obtain more lines if the problem occurs frequently.
  The message was received outside the hours programmed in the user’s Outcalling Schedule or the Outcalling period is over. This is normal operation. Outcalling is performed only during the hours specified by the user’s Outcalling Schedule. Outcalling will be done only for messages received during the Outcalling period.
  Outcalling may not be turned on. Have the mailbox owner verify that Outcalling is turned On. The System Manager should also verify that the Outcalling privilege is assigned.
  The number may be on the Disallowed Phone Numbers List. Check Outgoing Call Restrictions, Allowed and Disallowed Phone Numbers Lists, and list assignments.


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