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System terminates recording before the user finishes

Busy signal when calling Voice Mail Service

Menu, Submenu, Announcement, or Personal Greeting is cut off

Messages cannot be left in a user’s voice mailbox

Calls are not being transferred properly

Message Waiting Light is not turning on and off

A user is unable to log in to Voice Mail Service

Message Lights not being turned on/off in a timely manner

Calls not being answered by the correct Automated Attendant

Outcalling is delayed

Outcalling to a pager is not working

Outcalling to a telephone is not working

System does not respond to entered digits

Unanswered transferred calls ring continuously

Call Answer Service takes too long to answer calls

Call Answer Service ends message while caller records

Message cannot be deposited in mailbox

User is unable to log in to Voice Mail Service

Date or time in message headers is incorrect

User cannot forward messages to another user

The PARTNER Messaging system is not answering calls

Caller cannot switch between Primary /Secondary Languages

Cannot understand language prompts

Outside callers who should receive Automated Attendant Service hear ringing, but the system does not answer

Outside callers hear silence, tones, or ringing during transfer

The Automated Attendant does not answer immediately

Caller is immediately informed that call is being transferred to the operator

Callers hear prompt that they cannot leave a message because this mailbox is full

Callers claim they are leaving messages in a mailbox, but the mailbox owner is not getting any messages, and their message waiting light is not being turned on

User complains they are receiving messages for another mailbox

Hearing messages in a different order; the newer messages before the older messages

You have added an extension to a Directory List, but the extension is not announced when the Directory Submenu plays (Release 7.0 or later)

User complains they cannot get Record-a-Call to work when a Record-a-Call button has been programmed on their PARTNER telephone

User complains recording of a call stopped before they pressed the Record-a-Call button or before the call ended

When playing a Directory Submenu, “the submenu prompt has not been recorded” is heard


Trouble Shooting Guide Partner Messaging



Call Answer Service terminates message while caller is recording.

  Possible Cause Corrective Action
  The caller’s recording time exceeded the mailbox’s message time limit as specified in the mailbox Maximum Message Length setting.

Increase the Maximum Message Length setting for the mailbox. The setting can be from 2-60 minutes (the factory setting is 4 minutes).

  The message capacity of the mailbox has been reached. If the user requires more message storage capacity, increase the amount of time specified in the Mailbox Size setting.
The Mailbox Size can be set from 5-180 minutes. The factory setting is 20 minutes.
  The message storage capacity of PARTNER Messaging (100 hours) has been reached. Instruct users to delete unneeded messages.
  The system has detected 15 seconds of silence. None. This is normal operation.


Message cannot be deposited in mailbox.

  Possible Cause Corrective Action
  The mailbox is full. When a user’s mailbox is full, the
caller cannot leave a message in that mailbox but is given the option of transferring to another extension. For all users, mailboxes can store up to 180
minutes of recorded messages (or 120 messages, whichever is reached first).
The factory-set Mailbox Size is 20 minutes. Instruct the user to delete unneeded messages. Increase the Mailbox Size, if necessary.
  The system is full. The system can store a maximum of 100 hours of voice mail messages. Instruct users to delete unneeded messages.
  An Outcalling number is incorrectly programmed, forwarding Outcalling notification to an internal telephone associated with this mailbox. Each time a new message is received while Outcalling is in effect, the system will send the notification to this mailbox according to the specified number of Outcalling Cycles. Verify that Outcalling numbers are correctly entered.


User is unable to log in to Voice Mail Service.

  Possible Cause Corrective Action
  The user entered the mailbox extension incorrectly.

Make sure the user enters the mailbox extension number followed by #.
• If the user tries again and succeeds, the problem is solved.
• If the user still cannot log in, see the next Possible Cause.

  The user forgot his or her password or entered it incorrectly.

The user should try entering the assword followed by # again.

• If the user can log in, the problem is solved.
• If the user still cannot log in, re-initialize the Mailbox Password. (If you forget the
password for System Administration, you must call 732-751-0101 for help.)


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