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Assigning Transfer-Only Extensions

You can assign up to 400 Transfer-Only extensions. Transfer-Only extensions are extensions that do not require a mailbox. An example of an extension that could be assigned as a Transfer-Only extension is a conference room telephone. Transfer-Only extensions must be identified in PARTNER Messaging so that they can receive transferred calls. You should assign PARTNER Calling Groups, PARTNER Hunt Groups, and the PARTNER ACS Release 3.0 and later Remote Maintenance Extension (76) as Transfer-Only extensions.

When you assign an extension as Transfer-Only, you are prompted to:
• Administer a Directory Listing or Recorded Name. Users and callers can use up to a 10-letter Directory Listing to transfer calls to the Transfer-Only extension. The Transfer-Only extension name can also be recorded.

Assigning Transfer-Only Extensions

  1. Log in to System Administration. (777) + (0#) + ([nnnnnn] #) + (9)
  2. Select Extension Administration. (2)
  3. Enter extension number. ([nn] #)
  4. Assign Transfer-Only permission to this extension. (2)
  5. Choose one of the following:
    • Program the Directory Listing or Recorded
      Name. Go to Step 6.
    • Delete this extension. (*3)
    • If finished administering this extension. (*#)

For Directory Listing or Recorded Name:

Select Directory Listing or Recorded Name, then do the following: 1
Select Record Name, then choose one of the following: 1
Listen to name. 1
■ If finished. (*#)
Record name; then after recording, press 1 and choose one of the following: (2 [record name] 1)
■ Approve name. *# or
■ Play back Recorded Name. (2)(3) or
■ Re-record name. (2)(1) or
■ Delete name just recorded. *3
– If finished recording a name. *#
Select Directory Listing, then choose one of the following: 2
– Enter Directory Listing, then choose one of the following: 1
■ Enter up to first ten letters of name. Then
choose one of the following:
([nn nn nn nn nn nn nn nn nn nn] #)
– Approve. *# or
– Re-enter. 1
■ Exit without changes. Return to Step 5. *#
– If finished administering Directory Listing. Return to Step 5. (*#*#)


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Assigning Transfer-Only Extensions


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