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Setting System Security Parameters


System Security Parameters include Transfer Restrictions and Minimum Password Length. These features enhance the security of your system by reducing the risk of abuse by unauthorized users and by helping to prevent toll fraud.

Setting Transfer Restrictions

The factory setting for Transfer Restrictions is On. When Transfer Restrictions are set to On, transfers (*8 transfers, Automated Attendant Direct Extension Transfers, and Personal Operator transfers) are restricted to extensions that are included in the PARTNER Messaging extension list. The extension list includes extensions assigned as Mailbox extensions, Automated Attendant extensions, Transfer-Only extensions, Fax extensions, and the Call Answer Service Operator extension. This helps to prevent users and callers from committing toll fraud by transferring to an outside operator who could place a call for them. Transfer
Restrictions can be set to Off; however, changing the factory setting to this option is strongly discouraged, as it leaves your system vulnerable to toll fraud.

Setting the Transfer Restrictions to Off leaves your system vulnerable to toll fraud. We strongly recommend that you keep the Transfer Restrictions set to On.


Setting Transfer Restrictions

1 Log in to System Administration. 777
    [nnnnnn] #
2 Select System Security Parameters. 5
3 Select Transfer Restrictions. 1
4 Choose one of the following:  
  • On 1 or
  • Off 2
  • If finished *#


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Setting System Security Parameters


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