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AMIS Analog Networking

Audio Messaging Interchange Specification (AMIS) Analog Networking is an optional feature that permits subscribers to exchange voice mail messages with voice mail systems anywhere
in the world, provided those systems also have AMIS analog capabilities (AMIS is an industry-wide standard). Messages also can be exchanged with users on remote systems
with AMIS capabilities made by vendors other than Lucent Technologies.

The administrator may administer a set of remote voice messaging systems for two-step (casual) addressing (for instance, an entire area code) without administering remote systems individually. If the traffic between the local system and a particular remote system is heavy, however, the administrator may administer the remote system for one-step
pre-administered) addressing.

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To address a message via AMIS analog two-step addressing, the subscriber must specify both the telephone number of the remote voice mail system and the mailbox ID of the intended recipient. To address a message via AMIS analog one-step addressing, the subscriber need only specify the remote mailbox ID of the intended recipient. Users on remote systems administered for one-step addressing can be administered on the local system via the Subscriber screen, and they may be included in subscribers’ mailing lists and personal directories.

The local DEFINITY AUDIX system will transmit messages at specific times set by the DEFINITY AUDIX administrator on the Machine screen. The times specified on this screen must be a subset of the outcalling periods administered on the System-Parameters Outcalling screen.

  • Each DEFINITY AUDIX system using AMIS Analog Networking can exchange messages with any voice mail system with AMIS analog capabilities.
  • Remote systems can be administered for easy one-step addressing.
  • As defined by the AMIS analog specification, messages will be transmitted separately for each remote recipient, even if recipients reside on the same system.
  • Messages are played by the sending system and recorded by the receiving system.
  • Because messages are played and transmitted via analog lines, their quality may degrade.

AMIS Analog Networking

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