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INTUITY Message Manager

The INTUITY Message Manager provides DEFINITY AUDIX voice processing features at Personal Computers (PCs) that have IMM client software and local area network (LAN) access to a DEFINITY AUDIX server. This feature requires three distinct
components to operate:

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  • The AUDIX server software is purchasable with the
    DEFINITY AUDIX system as a INTUITY Message Manager
    Right-to-Use. Also, this feature has DEFINITY
    AUDIX hardware requirements (see Requirements) .
  • The IMM client software diskettes are separately purchasable
    and are installed either on each user’s PC or on a LAN server.
  • The local area network is wholly owned and maintained
    by the customer and must meet certain requirements for
    INTUITY Message Manager feature to work.

This feature has the following LAN requirements:

The DEFINITY AUDIX server provides a connection point to 10BaseT twisted-pair wiring on an Ethernet network (the cable providing this connection comes with the DEFINITY
AUDIX IMM option (purchasable); the customer supplies the 10BaseT wiring.
INTUITY Message Manager feature requires Windows Sockets access to the Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) on each client PC. With a Novell network operating system, TCP/IP can be supplied in one of two ways:

  1. A TCP/IP protocol stack may be installed on each client
  2. A Netware Loadable Module (NLM) on the Novell server
    can provide TCP/IP access to each client PC whenever
    a session is established.

Network Technology: Ethernet
Network Cabling: The DEFINITY AUDIX server connects to 10BaseT twisted-pair wiring
Protocol: The DEFINITY AUDIX server uses TCP/IP for communications over the LAN. Each client PC needs Windows Sockets access to TCP/IP to communicate with the server.
Architecture: Client/Server. INTUITY Message Manager client software executes on a PC and interacts with the server software on the DEFINITY AUDIX system.

IMM client software has a Windows Sockets version 1.1 interface
and uses icons, pulldown menus, a tool bar, and mouse point-and-click functionality.

INTUITY Message Manager

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