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The activity log is administered and accessible through any approved DEFINITY AUDIX administration terminal, Personal Computer (PC), or Work Group Station (WGS).

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The Activity Log feature is an administrative tool for investigating subscriber-reported problems with message-waiting indicators (MWIs) and the delivery of messages. It maintains
a history of subscriber activity in the DEFINITY AUDIX system. Since administrators can use the log to track activity by subscriber extension and by specific time, they can often resolve reported problems before filing trouble reports with Avaya.

It is recommended that you enable the Activity Log so you will have the required information at the time problems are reported. You will use two different screens when working with the Activity Log: the System-Parameters Activity-Log screen and the Display Activity-Log screen.

Setting Up the Activity Log

Use the change/display system-parameters activity log command to:

  • Enable/disable the Activity Log. The default is n (the Activity Log is
  • Instruct the Activity Log to record MWI updates. The default is n (the
    Activity Log will not record MWI updates).
  • Set a maximum number of Activity Log entries. The maximum allowable
    value is 99,999. The default is 10,000.
  • Clear all entries in the Activity Log. The default is n. If you enter y, all
    entries in the Activity Log will be cleared immediately. However, this value
    always reverts to n after you exit the screen.

If you instruct the Activity Log to record MWI updates, the number of records generated will increase significantly and could degrade system performance. It is recommended that this field not be enabled on a regular basis, but only as necessary.

Activity Logs

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