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Address-by-Name Operation

The Address-by-Name feature allows callers to address a message to any subscriber by dialing the subscriber’s name instead of the subscriber’s extension number. Callers who
do not know a subscriber’s extension number may select name addressing by pressing [*] [A] (for Alternate Addressing Mode) and entering the subscriber’s name. The DEFINITY
AUDIX system will automatically address the message to that subscriber.

Business Telephone Systems
Business Telephone Systems

The Address-by-Name feature can be used any time you want to address a message, create a mailing list, or set up a personal directory. The most common use, addressing a message, is described in detail below. To use the feature with the Mailing List or Personal Directory features (assuming your default addressing mode is number addressing), enter [*] [A]when first prompted for an address, then enter all addresses by name. You will stay in name addressing mode until you press [*] [A] again or until you are finished with the task.

To address a message to a subscriber by name, do the following:

  1. Log into the DEFINITY AUDIX system.
  2. Record and approve a message normally (see the Voice Mail feature).
  3. Press [*] [A] to switch to name addressing mode (this assumes your
    default addressing mode is by extension number).
  4. Enter the letters that spell the last name of the subscriber, then, if
    necessary, enter all or part of the first name (do not enter any characters
    between the first and last names). Press[#] .
    Note that in many cases it is not necessary to enter the entire name; a
    unique match is all that is required.
  5. One of the following will occur:
  • If the system finds a unique match for the letters you entered, the
    subscriber’s name is voiced by the system.
  • If the system finds two or three subscriber names that match the
    characters you have entered, you will be prompted to select the
    appropriate name.
  • If the system requires more information to make a match, you will
    be asked to enter more characters (continuing from where you

For example, to name-address a message to a subscriber named Jill Wilson, you might press the following sequence of keys:
[*] [A] W I L S O N J [#]



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