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The Address-by-Name feature allows callers to address a message to any subscriber by dialing the subscriber’s name instead of the subscriber’s extension number. Callers who
do not know a subscriber’s extension number may select name addressing by pressing [*] [A] (for Alternate Addressing Mode) and entering the subscriber’s name. The DEFINITY
AUDIX system will automatically address the message to that subscriber.

  • When using the Address-by-Name feature, note that the letter Q is represented by
    pressing [7] and Z by pressing [9].
  • The system administrator should inform subscribers which default addressing format (extension number or name) they have been assigned.
  • Address-by-Name only works for recipients who are administered on the DEFINITY AUDIX system, or recipients who are properly linked to the sender via AMIS Analog
  • Address-by-Name works with AMIS messages only for administered recipients on remote systems administered for one-step addressing.

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Many subscribers simply prefer to address messages to people rather than
extension numbers. But this feature can be most convenient when the sender
doesn’t know (or can’t remember) the extension number of an intended message
recipient. It is particularly useful when used with the Personal Directory feature,
which allows the sender to use abbreviated names.

The Address-by-Name feature has no administration requirements. At the
request of subscribers who prefer to address-by-name, the administrator can set
the default addressing mode to name addressing on page 2 of the Subscriber



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