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Alarm Origination

The Alarm Origination feature initiates a communication link between the DEFINITY AUDIX system and Avaya’s Operations Support System (OSS) to inform the OSS
that an alarm has been activated. The system downloads specific information about the alarm from the alarm log. It provides an efficient means for getting alarms resolved quickly and includes a variety of options that allow the system administrator to customize the type of alarm notification to suit any service agreements. The call is initiated through a maintenance port on the system and an internal or external modem. The port and modem are also available for remote access by the OSS to resolve alarms. When the alarms are resolved, the system optionally initiates another call to the OSS to transmit an All Clear message. Alarm origination options are administered for a variety of functional system groups. The system information transmitted in the alarm call is obtained from the alarm log. The log provides information about the success of alarm reports and a mechanism for testing the feature.

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  • If the system fails to make the connection because the alarm port is busy, or for any other reason, it will retry periodically.
  • Support personnel can temporarily override this feature by suppressing
    alarms. Suppressed alarms that are not resolved will be sent when the suppressed
    state is no longer in effect (unless whoever suppressed the alarms logs off).
  • Alarm notifications can be set for up to six suggested functional system groups.

The primary application of this feature is to speed up the resolution of alarms, which it is estimated to do by at least ten percent. The automatic downloading of alarm logs as they are generated starts the resolution process almost at the instant of failure.
Additionally, this feature provides more opportunity for customers to participate in system maintenance. By defining the types of alarms that originate alarm calls, customers can use in-house specialists to solve specific types of problems. Customers cannot administer this feature directly, but can have it customized by services personnel.

Initial Administration

The system is shipped with this feature turned off. When turned on, the feature
remains activated through system restarts. In order to activate alarm origination,
do the following:

  1. Enter at the command line: change system-parameters maintenance.
    This will bring up the System-Parameters Maintenance screen.
  2. Enter a Product ID in the appropriate field.
  3. Enter a dial string in the appropriate field (This contains the phone number
    and modem commands for originating the alarm call). Unless you are using an external modem, use the atdt prefix in the dial string.
    For example, you could type: atdt9,13035551213
    If you are using an external modem, see the modem manual for proper
  4. Enter the remote access port to use for originating alarm calls.
  5. Enter the baud rate.
  6. Enter y in the Alarm Origination Active field. If you wish calls to be placed
    when all alarms have been resolved, enter a yes in the All Alarms Resolved
    Notification field.
    The all resolved notification includes only those alarms which have
    been administered to cause an alarm origination call. In other
    words, active alarms may be outstanding when an All Clear call is
  7. Enter the alarm action for each of the eight alarm categories, as well as
    the failure modes.
  8. Use the [Enter}key to store the information entered.


Alarm Origination

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