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Auto Attendant Applications

Freeing Personnel for Other Tasks

While an automated attendant is handling incoming calls, the personnel who would otherwise be needed to answer these calls are available for other tasks. For example, people who call a company’s main or directory-listed number hear, instead of a receptionist, a greeting or menu telling them which touch-tone button to press to be directed to the department of their choice. These callers could reach an agent by selecting a menu option or by waiting for the system to
automatically transfer them. In addition to menu choices, each automated attendant menu can be administered to allow callers to transfer to an extension of their choice. This allows the DEFINITY AUDIX system to provide Direct Inward Dialing (DID) service for an entire company.

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Businesses that Receive Many Calls

At businesses that typically receive many incoming calls, such as telemarketing groups, many customers may wait for service for long periods of time. Using an automated attendant in this case could increase customer satisfaction and promote sales as follows:

  • The switch could be administered to route callers to an automated attendant after waiting a certain length of time or when a certain number of calls are in queue (requires vectoring).
  • The attendant menu could give callers the option of leaving a message for a return call, or remaining on hold. If callers elect to leave a message, they could be routed to a general DEFINITY AUDIX voice mailbox with Call Answer permission. After hearing the message, the agent can be prepared with the essential information when making the return call.

Nonresident Subscribers

The Automated Attendant feature can provide nonresident subscribers (DEFINITY AUDIX subscribers who do not have an extension on the switch, but do have a DEFINITY AUDIX voice mailbox — such as salespersons) with the ability to receive messages from clients and to retrieve those messages from any location without having an office and telephone on site.

The nonresident subscriber would need to provide the client with only the telephone number of the automated attendant and the subscriber’s voice mailbox number. The client could then dial the number for the automated attendant, listen to the attendant menu, enter the voice mailbox number and hear the greeting for that subscriber. Then the client could either leave a message or transfer to a sales clerk.

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Auto Attendant Applications

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