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The Automated Attendant feature can provide voice messaging capabilities for several people who share a single telephone. For example, a university dormitory room has three roommates (Jerry Jones, Don Parker, and Brent Deven) but only one telephone number. By administering that extension as an automated attendant and creating three voice mailbox numbers that do not exist in the switch dial plan, each roommate can have a private mailbox without having a
separate telephone. See the Shared Extension feature for more information.

Automated Attendants with Multiple Personal Greetings

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An automated attendant that is used with the Multiple Personal Greetings feature can be a very flexible tool. The automated attendant would need to be administered only once on the Subscriber screen, while the Multiple Personal Greetings feature could provide available options depending on the type of call. For example, one automated attendant could voice any of the following greetings depending on whether the call is an internal, external, or out-of-hours call:

  • For all internal calls:
    To leave a message for a specific person, enter the extension number.
    To reach personnel, press one. To reach benefits, press two.
  • For all external calls:
    Welcome to Davis Corporation. To reach the personnel department, press
    one on your touch-tone telephone. To reach the benefits department,
    press two. To leave a message for a specific person, enter that person’s
    four-digit extension number. For assistance, please wait.
  • For all out-of-hours calls:
    Welcome to Davis Corporation. Our normal office hours are 8:00 A.M. to
    5:00 P.M. mountain standard time. To leave a message for a specific
    person, enter that person’s four-digit extension number using your
    touch-tone telephone. If this is an emergency, please press nine.

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Auto Attendant Applications

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