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Automated Attendants with the Multilingual Feature

Multilingual automated attendants can be set up with two or more languages. The first stage of an automated attendant in a multilingual environment might ask the user to select a language, and subsequent stages could implement the Auto-Attendant function in the language chosen.

If using only two languages with the Automated Attendant, the system administrator could set the Call Answer Language Choice field to y (yes) on the Automated Attendant Subscriber or COS screen. The administrator then can record Dual Language Greetings rather than Multiple Personal Greetings. The primary greeting would tell the caller, in the secondary language, to press [*][1] to switch to the secondary language.

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If using the Multilingual feature with the Multiple Personal Greetings feature, the system administrator would set the Call Answer Language Choice field to n (no) on the Automated Attendant Subscriber or COS screen. Since the administrator records the automated attendants, automated attendants are not limited to only two languages. The automated attendant main menu could direct callers to several languages. For example:

In English,
For English, press 1.

In Canadian French,
For French, press 2 .

In Spanish,
For Spanish, press 3 .
Then for each choice, the administrator would record a nested automated
attendant in the appropriate language.

Automated Attendants for Business and Holiday Schedules

You can create up to four automated attendants for varying business schedules and four additional automated attendants for holidays. These features ensure that callers receive accurate automated attendant messages at a variety of times.

First, a caller may be asked to choose from a list of languages. Second, the caller may be asked to choose from a menu of business schedules that may, for example, correspond to time zones they may be calling from.

Holiday schedules, unlike business schedules, are activated automatically. These schedules, once administered, automatically override other automated attendants on the day they are schedules for.

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Auto Attendant Applications 3

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