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The Automated Attendant feature presents callers with a voiced menu of options, then routes calls according to the keys the caller presses. Calls may be routed to any telephone
in the dial plan or directly to a subscriber’s voice mailbox, where the caller will hear the subscriber’s Call Answer greeting (either personal or system) or a prompt to leave a
message for the subscriber. If the caller does not respond to the attendant menu within a specified period of time, the call may be routed to a default extension. This extension can be
a secretary or a DEFINITY AUDIX voice mailbox that prompts the caller to leave a message.

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The automated attendant also can be administered to route a caller to the voice mailboxes of nonresident subscribers (DEFINITY AUDIX subscribers who do not have an extension
on the switch, but do have a DEFINITY AUDIX voice mailbox). This allows remote personnel (such as salespersons) to receive messages from clients and to retrieve those messages from the main office without having an office and telephone on site.

Callers also can be routed to a shared extension, or to the voice mailbox of a specific individual on the shared extension. If three people share a telephone, for example, callers can leave a message for a specific “sharing” user or whomever retrieves messages for the shared extension.

  • Callers who reach an automated attendant must use a touch-tone
    phone to make menu selections.
  • An automated attendant is administered as a special kind of DEFINITY AUDIX subscriber. Each automated attendant counts toward the total number of subscribers
    on the system.
  • More than one automated attendant extension may be assigned per system.
  • You can set up Multilingual automated attendants. See the Multilingual
    feature for more information.
  • You can set up special automated attendants that correspond to holidays
    and special business hours.
  • You can set up a TTY Automated Attendant. See the TTY Automated
    Attendant feature.
  • Nonresident subscribers do have a message notification capability:
    the Outcalling feature.

Automated Attendant is particularly useful in diverse organizations that handle many external calls. Its nearly unlimited routing capabilities have many applications, especially in the service industries. Customers need only specify the nature of their business to have their calls routed to the appropriate representative, voice mailbox, or Bulletin Board. The following sections identify only a few of the applications where an automated attendant can be used.

Freeing Personnel for Other Tasks
Businesses that Receive Many Calls
Nonresident Subscribers
Shared Extensions
Automated Attendants with Multiple Personal Greetings
Automated Attendants with the Multilingual Feature
Automated Attendants for Business and Holiday Schedules
TTY Automated Attendants
Providing Information to Callers
Nesting Attendants
Name Addressing
Using Rotary Phones with an Automated Attendant


Automated Attendant

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