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Automated Backup

Selected subscriber and system data is automatically backed up nightly to prevent the loss of crucial data in the event of a disk drive failure. The user-recorded names can also be backed up weekly. The weekly backups are enabled or disabled on the System-Parameters Features screen. Nightly and weekly backups can always be run manually via the Save screens. The data is restored via the Backup screen.1

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Although automated backups save message header information, voice messages themselves are not backed up automatically because typically this data changes constantly and takes up a disproportionate amount of space on the backup disk. Voice messages can, however, be backed up manually. See the Save Voice feature for more information.

The system estimates the number of remaining backups possible on the disk. In DEFINITY AUDIX system Release 4.0, the system can record up to 2 weeks of nightly and weekly
backups on one 640 Megabye magneto-optical (MO) disk. Releases earlier than 4.0 can record up to four weeks of nightly and weekly backups on one 160 Megabyte tape.

Release 4.0’s MO disk drive will overwrite backups on the MO disk one at a time when the MO disk is full. Releases earlier than 4.0 will overwrite an entire tape once the tape is full,
unless the tape is replaced.

In releases earlier than 4.0, the system records a warning message in the administration log if there is room for fewer than four backups on the disk. In Release 4.0, the system will
record a similar warning when the system can store fewer than 14 nightly backups and two weekly backups. The system will still overwrite the nightly and weekly backups one at
a time, rather than overwriting the whole MO disk. When the system starts this procedure, however, two weeks of nightly and weekly backups will not be available.

Automatic backups are also useful for hard disk upgrades.

The nightly and weekly backups occur after the nightly audits, which begin at 1:00 AM.

Some non-critical files, including personal directories and mailing lists, are not saved automatically and must be reconstructed after a disk failure.

Any problems with the backup (such as those caused by a defective MO disk) are recorded
on the error log.

Automated Backup

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