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Automatic Message Scan

The Automatic Message Scan feature allows subscribers to scan all message headers and/or messages at the touch of two buttons. The user simply selects the feature from the activity menu, then selects the mode of automatic scanning: headers only, messages only, or both headers and messages.

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Once the scanning begins, it is not necessary to press a button until the playback is complete. Users can, however, press any button normally used for manual message scanning.
Once the DEFINITY AUDIX system has completed the task — responding to or deleting a message, for example — it resumes automatic scanning. Users hear all of the normal prompts for tasks that are used in manual scanning mode (“ Rewound,” etc.)

There is a three-second pause between messages and/or headers to allow subscribers to manipulate each message. Also, so that the button-pressing clearly relates to the correct
message, the system precedes each message or header with an introduction (“ Next message”). Just as with manual scanning, if just the headers are scanned, the messages are
left in the unopened category. Scanned messages are left in the old category.

Users are not prompted to delete messages as they are played back (as in manual scanning
mode), so it’s easy to forget to delete them and fill up mailboxes quickly.

The normal manual scan buttons [0] to replay, [*D]to delete, etc.) also work in Automatic Message Scan mode.

The “ Next message” prompt and message category announcements are nondial-through
prompts so the system does not get ahead of the subscriber. However, if a subscriber presses , [#], [*D], or [**H] to manipulate message, the “ Next message” prompt will not be played.

Automatic Message Scan

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