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The Bulletin Board feature (also called Information Service) allows the system administrator to set up a special number that plays a recorded message to the caller. Essentially it is a listen-only extension for posting messages. Callers reach a Bulletin Board either by dialing the number directly, or by being forwarded to the Bulletin Board extension from another
number or an Automated Attendant.

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The DEFINITY AUDIX system simply plays the message, and doesn’t prompt the caller for input. The caller is expected to hang up after hearing the message. It is not designed to record any messages from callers because such a capability would require a large, irregularly used mailbox that would waste resources. Because the Bulletin Board extension is set up by the system administrator as a “dummy” subscriber, its mailbox can receive voice mail specifically addressed to that extension.

Messages can be up to 20 minutes long.

A Bulletin Board does not require the caller to use a touch-tone telephone, but it can be administered to respond to touch-tone commands such as [*R] (Restart) ( CL-mode only), [*T] (Transfer), or [0] (Escape to Attendant).

Bulletin Boards are simply Voice Mailboxes with only half the normal Call Answer function: they can greet the caller, but cannot record a message from the caller. Recording information messages is identical to recording Personal Greetings.

Bulletin Board can be used to provide a daily news message, a help service message, directions, or other type of message useful to a large group of people. One common use is to provide information about a tool used frequently by subscribers, such as a mainframe computer or the DEFINITY AUDIX system itself. Another common use is to replace a former employee’s voice mailbox with a bulletin board to inform callers of that person’s replacement, and/or new number.

If resources permit, many Bulletin Board extensions can be set up, each under a different news category. Project managers might post daily or weekly informal status reports in this way, for example. Such a use allows managers to stay informed without incurring paper clutter or wasting clerical resources. Callers can be directed to various bulletin boards by an automated attendant: “For fishing conditions at Errelson Reservoir, press 1; for fishing conditions at Lake
Webber, Press 2,...”. (Use the call-answer call-treatment provided by the Automated Attendant for this type of application.)

An Automated Attendant can be used to provide the Bulletin Board message in several languages. The main attendant would tell callers to choose a language. Nested attendants would present the message in the selected language. See the Automated Attendant feature for more information.

By combining the Bulletin Board feature and the Multiple Personal Greetings feature, Bulletin Boards can present different announcements for different call types (internal/external callers and in-hours/out-of-hours callers).

Bulletin Boards can be recorded using the Multilingual feature. The Call Answer Language Choice field can be set to y (yes) on the Subscriber or COS screen. This allows the Bulletin Board message to be recorded in two languages using the Dual Language Personal Greetings capability. The recorded message tells callers, in the alternate language, to press to listen to the message in the alternate language. If the Call Answer Language Choice field is set to y (yes), the Multiple Personal Greetings feature cannot be used.

Bulletin Board

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