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Call Screening

The Call Screening feature allows subscribers with digital telephone sets to intercept calls after they have been forwarded to the Call Answer feature. The subscriber can listen to messages as they are being recorded, and speak to the caller while dropping the DEFINITY AUDIX system from the call.
Subscribers screening calls can drop the DEFINITY AUDIX system from the call by using the Exit AUDIX feature (pressing ).
If DEFINITY AUDIX is not dropped from the call, the entire conversation could be recorded as a call answer message. Depending on federal and local laws that may apply, the caller probably must give consent for the conversation to be recorded legally.

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Potentially, a breach of security could occur if the caller transfers out of the system after leaving a message. (See the Considerations section of this chapter.) The Call Screening feature does not work with analog telephone sets.

The primary application of this feature is that it allows the recipient to be selective about which calls to answer directly, and which to leave to the DEFINITY AUDIX Call Answer feature. It also allows recipients to catch a call late, after it has been forwarded to the DEFINITY AUDIX system. Finally, it is possible, with the caller’s consent, for the recipient to record a conversation with the caller.

When the recipient interrupts the call answer message in progress, the
recording process continues until manually deactivated by the caller or
recipient (usually by entering ). The DEFINITY AUDIX System
does not sound warning beeps to let the caller know that the conversation
is being recorded. To ensure compliance with any federal, state, or local
laws that may apply, the user should immediately inform the caller that the
call is being recorded. Any recipient purposely intending to record a
conversation in this way should be thoroughly familiar with the legal
implications and responsibilities.

If the recipient is recording a conversation, that recording will be limited by the message length set by the system administrator. See the Call Answer feature for more information. The end-of-message warning will tell both caller and recipient when the limit is nearly reached.

Call Screening

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