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Delivery Scheduling Operation

After you record and address a voice mail message, the DEFINITY AUDIX system recites your delivery options, one of which (option 3) is to schedule delivery for a specific time and date. If you simply press , the message is delivered immediately. Pressing allows you to schedule delivery. To schedule a voice mail message for delivery, do the following:

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  1. Log into the DEFINITY AUDIX system.
  2. Record or edit and address the message according to the Recording a
    New Voice Mail Message, Using/Modifying an Existing Voice Mail
    Message, or Addressing a Voice Mail Message procedures found in the
    Voice Mail feature description.
  3. Do one of the following:
    Press [#] to have the message delivered immediately. This places
    you back at the Activity menu.
    Press [3] to schedule delivery. Proceed to step 4.
  4. Enter the hour of delivery and the minutes. For example, press [2][0][5]
    for 2:05. The DEFINITY AUDIX system needs either one or two digits for
    the hour, but always requires two digits for the minutes.
  5. Press [A] for A.M. or [P] for P.M.
  6. Press [#] to signal that you have entered the delivery time.
  7. Do one of the following:
    To deliver the message at the next occurrence of the time you just
    a. Press [#]
    b. Go to step 10.
    n To deliver the message on a later date, enter numbers for the month
    and day of delivery. For example, press [8][2][9]for August 29th.
    The month can be either one or two digits, while the day requires
    two digits.
  8. Press [#] to signal that you have entered the delivery date.
  9. Listen while the system repeats the entire schedule. If the schedule is not
    correct, press [*][D] to delete, and return to step 4.
  10. Press [#] to approve the schedule.
  11. Do any combination of the following:
    To make the message private, press [1].
    To make the message priority, press [2].
    To reschedule delivery of the message, press [3] again.
    To file a copy of the message, press [4].
    All of these delivery options are toggle switches. By pressing each option
    number key repeatedly, you can turn each option on and off like a light
  12. Press [#] to approve your delivery options and return to the Activity menu.


Delivery Scheduling Operation

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