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Delivery Scheduling

The Delivery Scheduling feature allows subscribers to send voice mail messages to other subscribers at a designated time and date. After voice mail messages have been created
and addressed, the sender has the option of having the DEFINITY AUDIX system deliver the message immediately or schedule a time and date that the message is to be delivered.

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  • Voice mail messages can be scheduled for immediate delivery
    or for delivery up to one year in the future.
  • If the sender specifies only a time and not a date, the message will
    be delivered at the next occurrence of the specified time.
  • If a voice mail message cannot be delivered to a recipient, the
    sender will be notified and the message will be placed in the
    nondeliverable section of the sender’s outgoing voice mailbox.

The Delivery Scheduling feature can be used for several applications. For
example, a subscriber can create a voice mail message to remind other
subscribers of an upcoming meeting or special event. Subscribers can also
send messages to themselves as reminders of special dates such as birthdays,
anniversaries, or meetings.


Delivery Scheduling

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