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Digital Networking

Digital Networking allows subscribers on local DEFINITY AUDIX systems to exchange voice messages with subscribers on other DEFINITY AUDIX systems, AUDIX R1 systems,
INTUITY systems and Interchange systems using many of the same features on their local DEFINITY AUDIX systems. Digitally networked AUDIX systems, or nodes, can be colocated or distributed over many locations.

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Digital Networking uses Avaya's proprietary Digital Communications Protocol (DCP) to send messages using the high-quality digital algorithm code-excited linear predication (CELP) to transmit voice messages via AUDIX software.

Using Digital Networking is fast, clear, and efficient, in that it does not compete for use of the voice ports. Digital Networking is available in DEFINITY AUDIX system
releases 3.2 and later.

Digital Networking can connect up to 100 AUDIX systems.

Digital Networking is more secure than AMIS analog networking.

In DEFINITY AUDIX system Release 4.0, using a low-speed Digital Networking connection will significantly reduce the number of local subscribers, remote subscribers, and remote nodes the system will support.

If subscribers are geographically distant, they can still enjoy many of the
DEFINITY AUDIX features they share with their other local DEFINITY AUDIX
subscribers, such as address- or dial-by-name, private and priority messaging,
and broadcast messaging, as if they were colocated.

DEFINITY AUDIX Digital Networking uses Lucent Technologies’ DCP to
exchange voice messages, subscriber profiles, and message status information
with other AUDIX systems. Subscribers on one DEFINITY AUDIX system can
address and send messages to and receive messages from any subscriber on
other networked systems.

Digital Networking offers several advantages over AMIS Analog Networking,
including the following:

  • Digital Networking is more secure than AMIS Analog Networking.
  • Digital Networking allows subscribers to hear voiced name confirmation
    when they address messages to subscribers on remote systems.
  • Digital Networking allows subscribers to hear the status of their sent
    messages, such as the date and time the recipient accessed the


Digital Networking

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