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Enhanced Disconnect Detection

The Enhanced Disconnect Detection feature allows the DEFINITY AUDIX system administrator to administer one or two different mechanisms for detecting disconnects — tone
detection and silence detection — when the DEFINITY switch is unable to provide reliable disconnect information to the DEFINITY AUDIX system.

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When one of the following forms of disconnect signaling is used, the DEFINITY switch disconnects calls and the DEFINITY AUDIX system does not need to detect disconnects: open loop (analog trunks), polarity reversal (analog trunks), and bit oriented signaling
(digital trunks).

The DEFINITY switch does not recognize tone-based disconnect signaling. However, the DEFINITY AUDIX system can be enabled to recognize many forms of tone-based disconnect signaling.

In some countries, there is no disconnect signaling. For these countries, the DEFINITY AUDIX system can be set up to gracefully handle quiet disconnects.

With the Enhanced Disconnect Detection feature, the system administrator can
administer the DEFINITY AUDIX system to detect the following types of

  • Tone Based Disconnect. This type of disconnect signaling may be needed when tones are heard at the end of call answer messages. The Central Office switch sends tones to the DEFINITY switch to indicate a disconnect. Since the DEFINITY switch does not detect the tones as a disconnect, the DEFINITY AUDIX system might append the tones to the end of call answer messages until the maximum message length is reached. When tone detection is administered, the DEFINITY AUDIX system detects the
    presence of a cadenced tone with frequency content between approximately 350 Hz and 650 Hz and disconnects the call.
  • Quick Silence Disconnect. This type of disconnect signaling enhances DEFINITY AUDIX operation for calls in which there is no disconnect signaling and the line simply goes silent after the caller hangs up. When Quick Silence Disconnect is administered, the system disconnects as follows:
  • During a call answer recording, immediately upon detecting silence for an administrable period of time.
  • At all other times, immediately after two expirations of the Input Time Limit. The DEFINITY AUDIX system provides a system prompt and a help message after the first expiration. The system says “Goodbye” and disconnects after the second expiration. When recording a message in a voice mail session (as opposed to a call
    answer session), the system does not disconnect upon detecting silence but disconnects after two expirations of the Input Time Limit.


Enhanced Disconnect Detection

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