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Escape to Attendant

The Escape to Attendant feature allows DEFINITY AUDIX subscribers to have a personal attendant or operator designated to answer incoming calls. Callers who are transferred to the DEFINITY AUDIX system via the Call Answer feature can immediately redirect the call to reach an attendant or first leave a message and then transfer to an attendant.

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Subscribers who are administered with this feature may wish to mention the transfer option in their personal greetings to help outside callers who may not be familiar with the DEFINITY AUDIX system.

The transfer destination should be a staffed position. The caller might become confused if redirected to the mailbox of a covering extension.

The Escape to Attendant feature is used when a subscriber wants to give callers the option of talking to a live attendant instead of (or in addition to) leaving a message. DEFINITY AUDIX subscribers can also use this feature to transfer to their covering attendants by pressing any time after logging in.

By combining the Escape to Attendant feature and the Bulletin Board feature, a customer can provide callers with the option of talking to a live attendant after hearing the Bulletin Board information. For example, a theater could provide callers with the evening’s presentations, schedules, and prices, then allow the caller to transfer to a box office attendant.

The following requirements must be met for the Escape to Attendant feature to

  • The Call Transfer feature must be active on the System-Parameters
    Features screen.
  • The system-wide covering extension must be assigned on the
    System-Parameters Features screen, or individual subscribers must have
    call answer permission and the covering extension defined on the
    Subscriber screen. The latter (individual) covering extension will override
    the former (system-wide) covering extension if both are defined.


Escape to Attendant

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