Plantronics Headsets

Merlin Magix Phone System


Audix Features

Activity Log
Activity Log Operation
Address by Name
Address by Name Operation
Alarm Action Clear Suppress
Alarm Origination

AMIS Analog Networking

Auto Attendant Applications
Auto Attendant Applications 2
Auto Attendant Applications 3
Auto Attendant Applications 4
Auto Attendant Applications 5
Automated Attendant
Automated Backup
Automated Message Scan
Broadcast Message
Bulletin Board

Call Answer

Call Screening
Class of Service
Delivery Scheduling
Delivery Scheduling Operation
Dial by Name
Digital Networking

Enhanced Disconnect Detection

Escape to Attendant

Full Mailbox Answer Mode

Guest Password

Intuity Message Manager

Leave Word Calling (Cl mode)



Merlin Magix Phone System

Login Announcement

Mailing List

Mailing List Creating

Message Delivery

Message Sending Restrictions

Message Waiting Indicator


Multiple Personal Greetings

Multiple Personal Greetings Application
Name Record by Subscriber
Personal Directory
Playback and Recording Control
Priority Message
Priority Outcalling
Private Message
Save Voice
Security Password
Shared Extension
System Clock
Traffic Reports
TTY Automated Attendant
TTY Automated Attendant Considerations
Untouched Message
Audix Voice Mail
Audix Voice Mail Operation
Voice MailBox
Voice Mailbox Operation
Incoming Mailbox Operation
Outgoing Mailbox Operation



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