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Full Mailbox Answer Mode

The Full Mailbox Answer Mode feature provides the caller with alternative options for completing a call when the recipient’s mailbox is full. If the recipient has a personal greeting
activated, the caller hears the greeting followed by announcements stating that a message cannot be left and listing other options. If the recipient is using the system greeting, the caller hears only the announcements. If the Multilingual feature is active and Call Answer Language
Choice is y (yes) for the subscriber, the caller hears the greeting in the subscriber’s primary announcement set.

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The caller receives the normal Call Answer options: Transfer, Wait, Help, Exit, and Operator (or covering extension). If the caller doesn’t respond within an administered time period,
the system forwards the call to (1) the personal covering extension, if there is one, or (2) the system covering extension, if there is one. If neither extension is available, the system
plays a message warning the caller to respond or be disconnected. If there is no further response, the system ends the call.

Before leaving for an extended period, recipients should set up a covering extension and inform
callers of it via the personal greeting.

If the full mailbox answer is triggered excessively, system administrators should respond by
enlarging mailboxes. System administrators should continually tailor mailbox space to subscribers as necessary, using data acquired from ADAP and the admin log.

This feature is primarily of interest to sales and service organizations that receive many outside calls. It is more cordial than other systems in that the call is answered even if the recipient’s mailbox is full. The most common scenario is that of a salesperson on vacation. When the salesperson’s mailbox is filled, clients who call that extension are gracefully allowed to complete the call to another extension. The covering extension may even be served by an automated attendant that offers further options to the caller.

Full Mailbox Answer Mode

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