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Guest Password

The Guest Password feature allows people who are not DEFINITY AUDIX subscribers to access the system by dialing the main DEFINITY AUDIX number, entering a subscriber’s
extension, and entering the system-wide Guest Password. These callers can leave messages for that subscriber but cannot listen to other messages in the mailbox.

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The Guest Password may also be used to leave messages for subscribers who don’t have call-coverage to the DEFINITY AUDIX system or to bypass an attendant in a coverage path to record a message for another subscriber.

There is one Guest Password for the entire DEFINITY AUDIX system.

Since the Guest Password should be published and readily available to outside users, the system administrator is responsible for notifying Guest-Password users if the password changes.

The system administrator may wish to initially make the Guest- Password a long number so it
does not need to be changed or extended if the minimum password length changes.

Anyone may log into the system using the system-wide Guest Password. This allows people who are not DEFINITY AUDIX subscribers, or other subscribers who wish to bypass normal call coverage (such as a secretary), to leave a message directly in a subscriber’s mailbox. These callers cannot access any messages in the called subscriber’s mailbox.

Guest Password

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