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Login Announcement

The Login Announcement feature enables the system administrator and other designated users (broadcasters) to create a voice mail message that is automatically played to all subscribers
every time they log in to the DEFINITY AUDIX system. The announcement can also be sent to designated remote AMIS subscribers. The system administrator assigns one broadcast mailbox for holding an active Login Announcement and Broadcast Messages.

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The announcement is created as a normal voice message and played to all subscribers. The Login Announcement goes to all subscribers of the system and probably should be recorded in all system languages. The broadcaster optionally specifies the expiration date of the announcement, which is the last day it should be played to recipients.The broadcaster may also tell the DEFINITY AUDIX system to deactivate dial-through for the Login Announcement.If dial-through is activated (this is the default mode), the system will respond to keypad commands while the Login Announcement is playing, allowing the recipient to skip the announcement. However, if dial-through capability is not activated, the system will ignore any commands while the announcement is playing.

Login Announcements do not turn on message-waiting indicators (MWIs), so should not be used for emergency announcements.

Login Announcements are not placed in recipients’ mailboxes. The only way to hear Login
Announcements is to log in to the system.

Recipients cannot delete, save, or manipulate Login Announcements in any way.

Only one Login Announcement can be active at a time.

Login Announcements are never rescheduled for future delivery after one delivery attempt.

Login messages can be created from any mailbox with login announcement permission.

It is only necessary to access a broadcast mailbox when deleting broadcast and login messages.

Login Announcement

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