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Creating Mailing Lists is similar to addressing messages. First, you enter a new list name (ID) with which to identify the list in the future. Then, you enter either the extension number, name, or alias for each subscriber you want on the list. You can use names, extension numbers, aliases, and other lists as addresses within the same list.

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You can designate your list as either private or public. A private list can be accessed and used only by the creator of the list, while a public list can be accessed and used by other DEFINITY AUDIX subscribers who know the list ID and are on the same DEFINITY AUDIX system. Regardless of whether the list is public or private, however, only the creator of a list can modify or delete it.

To create a Mailing List, do the following:

  1. Log into the DEFINITY AUDIX system,.
  2. Press [5] to select Personal Options Administration.
  3. Press [1] to select the List Administration activity.
  4. Press [1] to create a Mailing List.
  5. Enter a list ID of up to six letters (or digits) for your list. For example, enter
    DEPT (3378 ) for a list of your department members.
  6. Press [#] to signal that you have entered the list ID.
  7. Press [1] if you want your list to be private, or press [2] if you want to make
    your list public.
  8. Enter the extension number, name, or alias of an individual recipient on
    your list. The following options are available when adding entries to a list:
    - To switch back and forth between extension and name addressing,
    press [*][A].
    - If you want to enter another list as an address, follow steps 3
    through 6 under Using a Mailing List to Address a Message found
    later in this section.
    If you create a Mailing List by “reading-in” another list, your
    new list does not remain coupled to the old list. Any changes
    made to the old list after you have created your new list will
    not be reflected in your new list.
  9. Press [#] to signal that you have entered the address.
  10. Repeat steps 8 and 9 until your Mailing List is complete (you can have as
    many as 250 recipients on your list).
  11. Press [#] to tell the system that you have finished creating the list.
  12. Take one of the following actions, according to your needs:
    -To create another list, repeat steps 5 through 11.
    -To return to the Activity Menu, press [*][R].
    -To transfer out of the DEFINITY AUDIX system, press [*][T].
    -Hang up.

Creating a Mailing List

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