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Mailing List

The Mailing Lists are lists composed of subscribers’ addresses (either names or extensions). They are a convenient way to send messages to subscribers who frequently need to receive the same information, such as members of a department or project.

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No single list can contain more than 250 total entries, including message addresses that contain
other lists (the total number of recipients must be 250 or less).

Individually addressed subscribers may also be added to a message that is addressed with a list (or lists).

If a message is addressed using multiple lists, subscribers who appear on more than one list will
receive only one copy of the message.

INTUITY Message Manager allows subscribers to set up mailing lists from their PC.

Mailing Lists can be created to include groups of related DEFINITY AUDIX users, such as members of a department, allowing a message to be sent to everyone on the list in one quick step. For example, to inform an entire department about a scheduled meeting, one message can be created, addressed (using a predefined list containing the names or extensions of all members of the department), and the system will transmit a copy to each person on the list at the specified time and date.

Subscribers are stored in lists with a unique subscriber ID that never changes. Thus, if the system administrator changes a subscriber’s name or extension, there is no impact on any list that subscriber is on. If the administrator deletes a subscriber, that subscriber’s ID is “frozen” until the Mailing List and Subscriber Data audits are run. These audits remove deleted subscriber IDs from other subscribers’ lists as well. If the administrator deletes, then adds the same subscriber right away, the addition won’t “take.” That subscriber will be deleted at the next audit and must be added again later.

Mailing List

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