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Message-Waiting Indicator

The DEFINITY AUDIX system provides subscribers with two different methods of informing them that new messages exist in their voice mailboxes. The following methods are referred
to as the Message-Waiting Indicator (MWI) feature.

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For subscribers who have telephones with message-waiting lamps, the lamp lights automatically when new DEFINITY AUDIX messages are received. When the last new message or header in the incoming section of a voice mailbox is heard, the message-waiting lamp goes out. The only exception is when a message is retained in the new category using the Untouched Message feature (for more information, see the Untouched Message feature). The message-waiting lamp is also used for message services other than the DEFINITY AUDIX system (see the Leave Word Calling (CL Mode Only) feature).

Some voice terminals include display screens that serve as MWIs (see Considerations on the next page).

If no MWI is available via the switch, the Outcalling feature can always be used as a substitute
(for more information, see the Outcalling feature).

For systems installed using the digital port switch integration method, the Leave Word Calling
(LWC) switch feature must be enabled for DEFINITY AUDIX ports (the LWC feature is used to activate MWIs for those systems).

DEFINITY AUDIX systems set up in display set (DS) integration mode rely on the Leave Word Calling switch feature to turn on MWIs. Those installed using the control link integration method employ an independent mechanism for controlling the MWIs. Thus, the following important note applies to DS systems only.
Telephones with built-in displays indicate when DEFINITY AUDIX messages have been received by displaying “AUDIX”. For a system in DS mode, the number shown next to the AUDIX display does not indicate the number of messages waiting. Rather, it indicates the number of times MWI activation requests have been sent by the system. Thus, without telling
how many, display phone sets only show that at least one message is waiting. The only advantage of a display set is that it differentiates between DEFINITY AUDIX messages and other types of messages.

DEFINITY AUDIX systems set up in control link (CL) switch integration mode offer
fully integrated messaging. This means that messages generated by other messaging systems on the switch are detected by the DEFINITY AUDIX system and presented to the recipient much the same as are voice messages. Systems set up in DS integration mode do not offer integrated messaging. Thus, the following important note applies to systems in DS mode only.
If LWC is enabled for subscribers, active MWIs may indicate the presence of LWC messages, which cannot be retrieved through the DEFINITY AUDIX system. If a message-waiting lamp remains lit after a subscriber retrieves DEFINITY AUDIX messages, the subscriber must exit the DEFINITY AUDIX system and retrieve the LWC messages by other means. Only then will the MWI be deactivated.

Message-Waiting Indicator

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