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Creating Message Delivery is an optional feature that permits subscribers to send DEFINITY AUDIX Voice Mail messages to any touch-tone telephone anywhere in the world (including
someone’s home). This feature is an extension of the AMIS Analog Networking feature. When the recipient answers, a recording informs the recipient that a message is waiting and that the recipient should press [0] to listen to it. The DEFINITY AUDIX system then plays the message. If the recipient doesn’t answer, the system will make a total of six attempts to deliver the message at intervals specified on the System- Parameters Features screen.

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The local DEFINITY AUDIX system will transmit messages at specific times set by the system administrator on the Machine screen. The times specified on this screen must be a subset of the times administered as outcalling periods on the System-Parameters Outcalling screen. If a range of Message Delivery telephone numbers is administered, individual recipients do not need to be administered on the local system. However, the system administrator can choose to
administer any telephone numbers to which Message Delivery traffic is heavy (this simplifies addressing procedures).

If the Multilingual feature is activated, Message Delivery announcements will be in the system announcement set. If the unilingual nature of the announcement is unacceptable, the system administrator may rerecord the announcement in all languages of interest.

Each system using Message Delivery can deliver messages to any touch-tone telephone.

Recipients can be individually administered on the local system making addressing easy.

Messages are played to the recipient; if a recipient is listening to a one minute message, an outcalling port will be busy for at least a minute.

If a message is sent to a remote recipient and a voice mail system (other than a DEFINITY AUDIX system or AUDIX system) or answering machine picks up the call, the recipient’s machine may record the message header but not the message body.

Because messages are transmitted via analog lines, quality may degrade.

The Message Delivery feature allows DEFINITY AUDIX Voice Mail messages to be sent to any touch-tone telephone. The system simply calls recipients, prompts them to press [0] to listen to a message, then plays the message.

If a recipient’s number is in a range of administered telephone numbers but their number is not individually administered, local subscribers may have to enter the entire telephone number (depending on administration); area code or country code plus area code may be required. If an individual recipient is administered, subscribers usually need only enter a portion of the recipient’s number. See DEFINITY AUDIX System — Administration, 585-300-507, for the specific procedures required to administer the Message Delivery feature.

If subscribers send Message Delivery messages to remote recipients and a voice mail system or an answering machine picks up the call (because the recipient did not answer), the recipient’s machine may record the message header. (This will not happen if the remote system is a DEFINITY AUDIX system or an AUDIX system.) If this happens, the machine will not
be able to record the message body since it cannot press to have the system play out the message. From the header, the recipient will know either the name or the number of the person who sent the message. Meanwhile, the local DEFINITY AUDIX system will continue to try to send the message (making a total of six attempts) since it did not detect a touch-tone indicating that the intended recipient received the message.

Message Delivery

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