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Message Sending Restrictions

The Message Sending Restrictions feature restricts the message routing of various communities of subscribers. Since it regulates voice mail only, subscribers can bypass the restrictions
by using the Call Answer feature.

The system administrator sets up a restriction matrix which indicates which communities of users can send messages to each other. Each subscriber may be assigned to only one
community. A default community is defined so that it is not necessary to administer each subscriber specifically.

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If a subscriber in a restricted community tries to send a message to an unauthorized destination, the DEFINITY AUDIX system plays a message explaining the restriction. If there are unauthorized destinations on a restricted sender’s mailing list, the system informs the sender that specific messages are nondeliverable because of the restriction. When messages are scheduled for future delivery, the restriction is checked and the sender notified of restrictions when the messages are being addressed and at the time of delivery, to allow for changes in the restriction status.

Up to 15 communities can be defined for sending restrictions.

All restrictions pertain to the sending of voice mail. Subscribers are not restricted from calling or leaving Call Answer messages for others.

After receiving a message from a user in an unrestricted community, restricted subscribers are not given the menu option of replying to the sender via voice mail. They can automatically return the sender’s call, however.

Guests using a guest password cannot be restricted.

Restrictions can be set up so that subscribers cannot send messages to others within the same

Often, upper management wants to insulate itself from messages sent by those below a certain level of the corporate hierarchy. This feature can be used to force a more efficient lateral routing of messages, or applied creatively to set up specific lines of communication.

Further, the Message Sending Restrictions feature allows the administrator to respond to abuse of the system, restricting those who are sending messages unnecessarily. For example, universities could restrict students from sending messages to professors and administrators. Or, in the transportation and manufacturing industries, restrictions could be defined so that drivers and production-line workers can send messages only to their supervisors — and not
to each another.

This feature can also be used to restrict some subscribers from sending AMIS Analog or Message Delivery messages to remote sites.

Message Sending Restrictions

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