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The Multilingual feature allows subscribers to hear voice prompts from the announcement set of their choice as long as the announcement set has been installed on the system. It also allows call answer users a choice between two languages for greetings and prompts

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The called subscriber’s chosen primary announcement set and secondary announcement set determine the languages in which the call answer user can interact with the system. The subscriber’s chosen login announcement set defines the language in which the subscriber interacts with the system. All three announcement sets — primary, secondary, and login — may be different

The Multilingual feature also provides messaging service to hearing-impaired people on the same system used for hearing people. An announcement set using the tone-based protocol
for teletypewriters (TTYs) can be run simultaneously with voiced announcement sets. See the Telecommunications Device for the Deaf (TDD) feature for more information.

Different announcement sets (languages) may be installed on the same system, up to a limit of 9, as long as enough disk space is available.

Subscribers can interact with the DEFINITY AUDIX system in the language of their choice as
administered by the system administrator.

Subscribers may choose the primary and secondary languages in which callers to their mailbox may interact with the system.

The subscriber can record personalized greetings for the primary and secondary languages

Call answer users can be greeted in the primary language, then instructed in the secondary language to enter [*][1] to switch to the secondary language.

The Multilingual feature has several applications:

If the Call Answer Language Choice capability is on, call answer users are greeted in the primary language and then instructed in the secondary language to enter if they prefer to use the secondary language. If they enter , the greeting is replayed in the secondary language. This
capability is ideal for regions where two or more languages predominate, and it also enables the DEFINITY AUDIX system to accommodate regional laws requiring that multiple languages be equally available for all users of the system.

Subscribers can hear voice prompts in a chosen language as long as that language is installed on the DEFINITY AUDIX system and has been administered as the Login Announcement Set for the subscriber. The login announcement set may be different from both the primary announcement set and the secondary announcement set for the subscriber.

A subscriber can use the Dual Language Greetings capability of the Multilingual feature to record personalized greetings in one or both of the two languages identified as the primary and secondary announcement sets for the subscriber. The primary greeting should tell the caller, in the alternate language, to press to switch to the alternate language. If Call Answer Language Choice is set to “y” (yes), the subscriber may not use the Multiple Personal Greetings feature but uses the personalized Dual Language Greetings capability instead.

Hearing-impaired people can use the same DEFINITY AUDIX system as hearing people. An announcement set using the tone-based protocol for TTYs can be used simultaneously with voiced announcement sets. If the called party also receives voice calls, it is recommended that the called party maintain two separate telephone numbers — one for TTY callers and
one for non-TTY callers; however, it is possible to serve both TTY users and non-TTY users with one telephone number.

Multilingual automated attendants can be set up with two or more languages. The first stage of an automated attendant in a multilingual environment might ask the user to select a language, and subsequent stages could implement the auto-attendant function in the language chosen. It is recommended that TTY automated attendants and voiced automated attendants have separate telephone numbers.


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